Drive on the edge around town while you get messages on your phone from your boss that tells you where to pickup and deliver various items. But be careful not to damage the goods. Enjoy the ride!!!

Drive :WASD/Arrow keys
Show/hide phone: F
Reset van: R (you may have to spam it a bit to upright the car)
Pause menu: ESC

There are 6 deliveries to complete the game.
Fullscreen the game for best experience.

There are sadly no sounds beside background music and phone ding when you get a message. There are also some issues with colliders not set properly but ran out of time to fix it.

Made for VimJam2. Where the restriction was "Boss" (e.g. had to contain some type of boss) and the theme of "On the edge".


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really like the art and mechanics for the game although there are some collider issues with the car. also its hard to play the game because you cant really see anything ahead of you and i keep bumping into buildings maybe thats a design choice i dont know but really good game over all

Thanks for playing my game and the feedback, for the next update, after the judging for Vimjam 2 has ended, I hope to address the issue with not being able to view forward enough with a minimap and zooming out the faster you go.